Onna Lou and Marco Castillo at Park Theatre

Park Theatre, 698 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 2B9

In this very special double bill night Marco Castillo and Onna Lou with their bands, will be bringing Brazilian and Argentine warmth to celebrate Thanksgiving in the other pole. They have come together to express their gratitude for being here in Winnipeg and in Canada, by doing what they love most in the world, playing music. The show will be recorded and filmed live. Marco Castillo will be accompanied by Gilles Fournier in bass, and Daniel Roa in drums. Onna Lou will be accompanied by Julián Vidal, Rodrigo Muñoz (Papa Mambo), and Gilles Fournier, plus first-class guests Philippe Meunier, Victor Hugo López Bustamante, Jeff Preslaff, and Davidian Chorley.