CBC's "Morning North" played "Diamante" 

Modern Jazz Today added ""Sonriamosle a la pena" 

CKUA's "Catch & Release" played "Diamante" 

CBC's "London Morning" played "Diamante" 

CBC's "Daybreak Alberta" played "Diamante" 

CBC's "Ontario Morning" played "Diamante" 

CBC's "Here and Now" played "Diamante" 

CKUA's "Catch & Release" will play "Diamante" on their show next week! 

CBC's "Point Du Jour" played "Serpentinas" 

CBC's London Morning played "Serpentinas" 

UMFM played "Serpentinas" 

"Serpentinas" was added to Our Basements' Video Playlist 

Exclaim's "The Eh List" playlist added "Serpentinas" (this is one of the biggest music magazines in Canada! It's HARD to get their attention  - congratulations! 

CBC's "Ontario Morning" played "Serpentinas" 

CBC Radio Canada's "6A9" played "Serpentinas" 

CJRU's Modern Jazz Today played "Sonriamosle a la pena" 

Erin Radio played "Serpentinas" 

Erin Radio will play "Serpentinas" after its release 

CFBX in Kamloops, BC played "Sonriamosle a la pena" 

Erin Radio will spin "Sonriamosle a la pena" 

Modern Jazz Today played "Sonriamosle a la pena" 

CBC's "Frequencies" played "Ojos de Almendra" and will replay it twice this week! 

CKUA's "Journeys" will add "Sonriamosle a La Pena" 

Erin Radio played "Ojos de Almendra" 

CBC's Superior Morning played "Ojos de Almendra" 

CBC Manitoba played "Ojos de Almendra"  

Desert Tiger Podcast is interested in chatting with you - working on setting something up! 

Erin Radio will give "Ojos de Almendra" a spin after its release 

Amplify Music Magazine will premiere "Ojos de Almendra" 


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