¨I like to think that I am flexible matter, constantly molding and learning little by little to live in this world and to live with the people around me. The experience of life is so full of gigantic small events that I constantly find new paths to process this information in a more whole and compassionate way. The amount of richness, light and darkness that happens inside and around us in 24 hours, is enough to be as happy and connected as we need, if we pay attention and listen to ourselves¨.

Onna Lou was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. Music became a part of her life when she was 5 and started taking guitar lessons. She majored in Classical Composition at Universidad Católica Argentina, in early 2012. However, her true passion lays in songwriting and singing and that’s why she moved to Boston one month later to study at Berklee College of Music where she majored in Contemporary Writing and Production in May 2014.
In 2011 she started her band to perform her original songs and has adopted the stage name Onna Lou. Her lyrics are canny and her music colorful. She fuses different styles and plays with elements from rock, pop, latin music and argentinean folk. She is currently performing in Boston and working on her first album to be realeased on July 2015.


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